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Delivery Service Guide


These are just guidelines and not fixed rules. If you are not sure, it is always best to call in on 0208 880 2828 and speak to one of our friendly helpers.

London post codes

Minimum order for delivery within a 2 mile radius - £10
N15, N17 + parts of N4, N8, N22

Minimum order for delivery within a 3 mile radius - £15
N5, N10, N13, N16, N18, E5, E17 + parts of N4, N8, N22

The above postcodes are not confirmation that we deliver to your area. You will find some areas are outside our 3 mile radius.

If you are outside the 3 mile radius we offer, at our discretion, an additional service for deliveries up to a 4 mile radius:

Minimum spend of £25 + £2 delivery charge

We try to process all orders, but in extremely busy periods we reserve the right to decline any orders.


Q. Why have a restriction on your delivery radius?
A. This is to ensure we maintain an excellent level of service, faster delivery time to your door and that the food stays fresh for you. A 3 mile delivery address can take up to 20 minutes travelling time.

Q. Why a £2 delivery charge? It's too high.
A. This delivery charge is paid directly to the drivers, not to the restaurant. It is a form of guaranteed tip for their hard work and helps pay for the extra petrol they have to use. It was originally designed for customers who had already tried our food but live outside our delivery radius. It is not recomended for the first time customer.

Q. I've heard some good reviews about your food and really like to try it out, but your delivery restrictions are too high.
A. Why not pop down and visit us first? We're a restaurant located inside The Fountain Pub. There's plenty of seating and also a great beer garden for the summer weather. the 41 bus stops right outside and the Seven Sisters tube station is only 5 minutes walk from us. Freshly cooked food, served immediately is always the best!

Q. I live outside your delivery radius, but really want to order your food, what can I do?
A. Try not to order on a whim. Submit your order early. Be flexible with your delivery times. As usual, be nice and reasonable. A declined order today may not mean a declined order tomorrow. You will also find, that we may break our guidelines ourselves, sometimes in your favour.

Q. I'm having a party soon and would like to order some sushi platters, but I am outside your delivery radius, can you still help?
A. We have catered for corporate events inside the city as well as residential parties outside the A406. contact us on 0208 880 2828 or email us on info@kataonline.co.uk. The earlier you contact us, the more accommodating we can be.